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8 Lake Tahoe ski resorts surpass 300-inch snow totals

Frequent snow storms throughout March has pushed eight Lake Tahoe ski resorts above the 300-inch mark for season snow totals. With “Miracle March” coming to a close this Saturday, season snow totals continue to climb, resulting in multiple powder days for skiers and snowboarders. [caption id="attachment_7946" align="alignright" width="300"] A skier at...
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‘Miracle March’ for Lake Tahoe ski resorts

More snow is in the forecast this week for Lake Tahoe ski resorts. But regardless how much snow falls, it’s already been a “Miracle March” for the popular ski resort area. [caption id="attachment_7941" align="alignright" width="225"] The Village at Squaw Valley was covered in snow last Wednesday morning. The mountain...
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Four Lake Tahoe ski resorts surpass 100-inch snow mark for March

Although only at the halfway point, March has already been a great month for snow totals – four Lake Tahoe ski resorts have surpassed the 100-inch mark. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has received 12 feet (144 inches) of snow so far this month, making it already the third biggest March in the last 20 years....
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Latest storm could dump up to 3 feet at Lake Tahoe ski resorts

Following a day of light snow, a major storm is expected to descend on Lake Tahoe ski resorts Thursday evening and the snow may last into Saturday, dropping perhaps 1-3 feet of snow. [caption id="attachment_7946" align="alignright" width="300"] Northstar California was reporting 8 inches of new snow this morning and...
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Lake Tahoe ski resorts could receive 54 inches new snow

Considerable snow fell Tuesday evening at Lake Tahoe ski resorts and there is much more on the way over the next four days. [caption id="attachment_7940" align="alignright" width="300"] Kirkwood Mountain ski resort was reporting 16 inches of new snow Wednesday morning.[/caption] Snow forecaster Bryan Allegretto of, predicts that when the...
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Snow report Lake Tahoe ski resorts

Lake Tahoe ski resorts were reporting some big snow totals Tuesday morning. And what’s even more exciting is the next storm will likely be much larger. [caption id="attachment_7871" align="alignright" width="300"] It was a beautiful powder day at Kirkwood Mountain, where 14 inches of fresh snow greeted skiers and riders...
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Snow report: Storm totals high at Lake Tahoe ski resorts

Surprises like this are quite welcome. Many Lake Tahoe ski resorts were happily reporting Friday morning they received more snow than expected from the latest storm. One of the largest beneficiaries was Homewood Mountain Resort. The snow started dropping mid-morning Thursday (Feb. 22) and continued throughout the day and into night. Homewood is reporting 14 inches...
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Kirkwood Mountain ski resort gets 10 inches of snow

Snow accumulation has been rare lately, but Lake Tahoe ski resorts got a little more than expected from a storm that arrived Sunday evening. Many Lake Tahoe ski resorts awoke Monday morning to find a substantial amount of snow on the mountain. Among the resorts to receive a significant amount was Kirkwood Mountain, which had 10...
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Snow storm dumps on Lake Tahoe ski resorts

The snow storm that Lake Tahoe ski resorts were hoping to see this week hit with a vengeance throughout the region. Ten Lake Tahoe ski resorts woke up this morning with 10 or more inches of fresh snow. It was definitely a powder day for skiers and snowboarders throughout the Lake Tahoe region. [caption id="attachment_7700" align="alignright" width="300"] Read more

Snow arrives at Lake Tahoe ski resorts

A much-awaited snow storm hit Lake Tahoe Thursday night and continued into the early morning hours, dropping up to 11 inches on Lake Tahoe ski resorts. Mt. Rose and Northstar California were the largest benefactors of the storm, getting 11 inches at their peak. Seven of Lake Tahoe’s 14 ski resorts recorded 9 or more inches...
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