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Kirkwood Mountain ski resort gets 10 inches of snow

Snow accumulation has been rare lately, but Lake Tahoe ski resorts got a little more than expected from a storm that arrived Sunday evening. Many Lake Tahoe ski resorts awoke Monday morning to find a substantial amount of snow on the mountain. Among the resorts to receive a significant amount was Kirkwood Mountain, which had 10...
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Snow storm dumps on Lake Tahoe ski resorts

The snow storm that Lake Tahoe ski resorts were hoping to see this week hit with a vengeance throughout the region. Ten Lake Tahoe ski resorts woke up this morning with 10 or more inches of fresh snow. It was definitely a powder day for skiers and snowboarders throughout the Lake Tahoe region. [caption id="attachment_7700" align="alignright" width="300"] Read more

Snow arrives at Lake Tahoe ski resorts

A much-awaited snow storm hit Lake Tahoe Thursday night and continued into the early morning hours, dropping up to 11 inches on Lake Tahoe ski resorts. Mt. Rose and Northstar California were the largest benefactors of the storm, getting 11 inches at their peak. Seven of Lake Tahoe’s 14 ski resorts recorded 9 or more inches...
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How much snow will drop on Lake Tahoe ski resorts?

How much snow will drop on Lake Tahoe ski resorts? Will the storms descending on Lake Tahoe ski resorts this week dump a sizable amount of much-needed snow? The possibility certainly exists, especially at higher elevations. But we’re talking about winter weather in the Sierra, which many times has an unpredictable outcome. [caption id="attachment_7667" align="alignright" width="300"] Read more

Will snow storms arrive next week at Lake Tahoe ski resorts?

While the weather is ideal this holiday weekend, a change in the weather next week could finally deliver the type of snow storms that Lake Tahoe ski resorts have been hoping for since ski season began. [caption id="attachment_7592" align="alignright" width="300"] The weather is sunny with nice temperatures this holiday...
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Lake Tahoe awaits Tuesday snow storm

There was a surprising amount of snow Saturday morning at several Lake Tahoe ski resorts. And there’s more good news for skiers and snowboarders – Lake Tahoe awaits a Tuesday snow storm. According to Snow Forecaster Bryan Allegretto, before the storm moves out of the Lake Tahoe region Tuesday evening it could result in 3-18...
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Kirkwood ski resort receives 8 inches new snow

There was some rejoicing by skiers and snowboarders this morning at Kirkwood Mountain ski resort, thanks to 8 inches of new snow. Kirkwood Mountain wasn’t the only Lake Tahoe resort to receive a surprising amount of snow overnight. Two other Vail Resort properties – Northstar California and Heavenly Mountain – both received 6 inches of...
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